Adult Classes Sunday Morning

A growing your relationship with Jesus is a choice.  Join a journey that is guided by the Holy Spirit through purposeful study and fellowship.  

Sunday Mornings Following Worship
10:10 am

Life and Laughter invites you to attend any Sunday of interest.  We meet in the Choir room of the church’s lower level.  The classes are as follows:

March 4—to be announced

March 11—Jochims on dealing with opioid addiction in the community-the problem and solutions

March 18—Jochims on dealing with opioid addiction in the community-the problem and solutions

March 25—Shauna Freitag, Social worker and member of First UMC:  Welfare myths and facts

Spiritual Practices that Nourish Your Soul and Transform your Life, Looking for specific ways to connect with God and deepen your faith life? There are many spiritual “disciplines” or practices out there to help us. Come and learn about a few and try them out! Starting March 4th, Rachel Yochum will facilitate a six-week Sunday school class on “Sacred Rhythms: Spiritual Practices that Nourish Your Soul and Transform Your Life” by celebrated author, teacher, and speaker Ruth Haley Barton. This is a short, practical study based on ideas from her longer book Sacred Rhythms: Arranging Our Lives for Spiritual Transformation. You can fully participate in this class even without reading this book, but a copy of it is available in our church library if you’re interested. In our class we will look for how God is present in our lives as we learn about and practice several spiritual disciplines, including solitude and silence, reflective scripture reading, honoring our physical needs, and prayerful reflection on our daily experiences. Our time together each week will include a brief video lesson from the author, questions for self-reflection and group discussion, guided practice of each spiritual discipline led by the author, and ways to practice the discipline between sessions. Please let Rachel Yochum know if you have questions or if you’re interested so we can have a participant guidebook ($10) ready for you! ( or 515-509-3513)

Men’s Sunday School ClassFacilitated by Jim Evans, in room 213.  As men of God, we have great potential to be mentors and role models.  We will discuss how we can deepen those 2 relationships as they relate to our worship, our church activities, and our community.  Please join us.

 Brunch Bunchfacilitated by Jim Corder, continues in room 217 of the second floor of the church. This faithful bunch will study Making Sense of the Bible by Adam Hamilton.  At the close of class, many journey to a restaurant for fellowship and food.

Soncatchers, located in room 214 (second floor of church), with Julie Anderson and Melanie Sullivan as we continue to develop our relationship with Hope Haven.

Children’s Sunday School, located in church basement, with Jessica Johnson.

Youth and Confirmation, located in church basement 2, with Joe Moyer.