Bridges Out of Poverty

Burlington Building Bridges becomes Independent.
Vern Reed loves movies that share the journey of a person, a group, or a band.  One of his favorites is the story of “The Temptations.” It is an interesting and entertaining movie in so many ways.  But, there is a scene that remains etched in his mind. Reed explains, “The dude, with the deep voice, has a debilitating condition that is getting worse and the doctor tells him he needs to quit touring. But, the singer says with great emotion…”Doc, have you ever been a part of something bigger than yourself?”

This movie truly encapsulates the Bridges out of Poverty initiative in Southeast Iowa!  Who could have known back in 2015, how a “spark” of an idea percolated with Vern Reed, might become a fire, helping to bring some light to so many of our friends and neighbors in southeast Iowa?

Literally, this “spark” is serving hundreds of families in need with not only immediate hurdles, but helping empower each to write their own “future story”.  That is the strength of Bridges!  This little spark has grown with volunteers, with graduates of ongoing Getting Ahead classes and with services to our community we could not have imagined!

Young House Family Services fanned the spark into a fire by providing an organizational home for Building Bridges.  More than just support for Building Bridges, Young House willingly gave leadership, grant writing, and structure.  Mona Ash was cultivated as a Family Connection Coordinator into the Building Bridges Coordinator. “I am beyond grateful for the amazing opportunities Young House Family Services has given Bridges and me personally. We would not be where we are today had it not been for their support and willingness to see this idea come to reality.   We look forward to continuing our partnership with Young House Family Services and are excited to see what is next for the families, individuals and community we serve in this new adventure.”

From day one, Burlington Bridges longed to be an independent 501c3.  However, as a new program Burlington Building Bridges did not have the strength to do so.  Young House gave Burlington Building Bridges time to essentially “grow up.”  Grow in volunteers.  Grow in Getting Ahead success stories.  Grow in community support.

On June first, Burlington Building Bridges is leaving the security of the nest with Young House Family Services.  With continual growth as well as faminual commitment from our community Burlington Building Bridges will become its own non-profit organization!  We are so thankful to Young House for  being willing to partner, support and help Burlington Building Bridges grow up.  Without their vision and partnership this dream of Bridges standing as an organization itself, simply could not have happened.

So here we are!  Burlington Building Bridges is ready to take the next steps as a full-fledged partner with the so many organizations already working to make a difference.  With that said, our need for community support both financially and for volunteers has never been more important!  Burlington Building Bridges has become “essential” in southeast Iowa for so many families and their children.  Our strength is in partnerships; our mission has never been more important.
Burlington Building Bridges continues to office in the LOFT 416 Jefferson Street.  Check out the website at  319.754.8421

We believe that truly…”We have to be all in this together!”


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For more information, please contact Mona Ash 754-8421.