Adult Classes Sunday Morning

A growing your relationship with Jesus is a choice.  Join a journey that is guided by the Holy Spirit through purposeful study and fellowship.  

Sunday Mornings Following Worship
10:10 am

Life and Laughter Sunday School Class   September is facilitated by Jerry Rigdon in the Choir Room at 10:10 am.

September 9; Rodney Botts, Virtual Tour of Main and Jefferson Streets
September 16 Community Decision Making with Jerry Rigdon
September 23, Jim and Judy Hilkin, John H. Witte Jr. Observatory at Big Hollow
September 30, Charlie Nichols from City Planning; Washington and Main Street Redevelopment.

New Member Class (aka Church 101), located in church 213, facilitated by Pastor Melisa and others.  6 weeks.  The basics of our faith and denomination will be covered in this class.

 Brunch Bunchfacilitated by Jim Corder, room 217 of the second floor of the church. At the close of class, many journey to a restaurant for fellowship and food.    Readings from “A Touch of Wonder” by Arthur Gordon will be reviewed by various class members on an ad-hoc basis.  Cheryl Jones will present the first review as class begins September 2nd.

Soncatchers, located in room 214 (second floor of church), with Julie Anderson and Melanie Sullivan as we continue to develop our relationship with Hope Haven.

Children’s Sunday School, meets in lower level of the church room 3 with Nikcole Landon.

Youth and Confirmation, located in church basement 2, with Joe Moyer.

Wednesday Small Group for Young Adults & Parents
Church Second Floor 213

  • First/Fifth Wednesday   No Meeting.
  • Second Wednesday      Study group 5:30-7, while kids in PBJ.
  • Third Wednesday          We all go out to dinner together.
  • Fourth Wednesday        Study and/or service project.

    Andrea Walz Hartman will help facilitate.  We will have a rotating leaders to help with work schedules and
    diversity of ideas.