Will everyone using the gym need a waiver?  YES.  Even kids for PBJ and VBS?  They already have a permission/waiver signed.

What is the price to rent the gym?  Call the Church office at 319 754 8421.

What would an outside team need to do to rent the gym?  Provide an Insurance Certificate of Liability, FUMC Contract Information and CPR/First Aid for the leader, rental fees paid in advance and to clean up upon departure.

Will a FUMC staff person be on campus when the team is practicing?  This will be the goal.  Between meetings for Pastor Melisa, events with Jackie, rearranging the LOFT custodian hours we will try.  There will be times we will not be.  Yet, the coach of the team will be notified and staff “on call” contact information provided.  ALWAYS a staff person will check the building at the end of the night to be sure we are secure.

Will we need to hire staff?  Abby, from the nursery, has the First Aid and AED training and is interested in working some hours.  I’m thinking the LOFT custodian might

How will someone get to the gym after hours?   The far west Jefferson Street door or North lot door.  Elevator access will not be available for gym use if the office is closed.

How much is it to take PiYo (Pilates yoga class, no one in town offers the class)?  Since we don’t have an instructor yet, we are price is TBD per class to cover the cost of an instructor and utilities.  Participants will need to sign a waiver as with all other programs.

How much is Fluid Movement class?  Since Karen Piper is instructing free, a free will donation.

Will open gym be similar to youth night at the Y?  NO!   If we have a designated teen night, it will be $5 per person with a valid school ID, 6th grade or higher.  This is a one adult volunteer per 12 kid ratio.

Family nights are free with an adult accompanying the child.

How will we know if the gym is open?  Our website will have a gym page with a dedicated calendar, similar to the event calendar.

The schedule seems like a lot of open time.  We will “grow” into the open time.  Start smaller and move to more time as the desire increases.

Can we start a pickle ball team or host a tournament?  Absolutely!  The team would need a leader to help with the details needed by the office.  Make it happen!  Pickle ball is the fastest growing sport in America.

Who will have AED and CPR training?  Melisa and Abby are trained, Tim, Jackie, LOFT custodian will be trained.   Training will most likely be November 10th at 1:00 pm.

Will we have open gym during a second floor event?  Nope.

During open gym, what is the price for FUMC members?  Nothing
What is the price for my friend?  TBD
Are punch cards available?  Yes.  Price is TBD punch card will give you 12
What is the price for the lawyer pick up basketball lunchtime game?  $2 per person