There in the
corner of the Loft!

It’s a store!
It’s a ministry!
It’s the Loft Market!

The Loving Opportunities Fair Trade Market is a ministry in the form of a shop! The LOFT Market is a volunteer operated, non-profit small business whose merchandise is made by impoverished people in developing countries around the world who are paid a fair, living wage for their goods.

The LOFT Market provides opportunities for people in the Burlington area to help socially and economically marginalized workers—primarily women who are their families’ sole wage earners—receive the dignity and empowerment of providing for themselves and their families instead of a living a life of helplessness.

Fair trade goods for sale at the LOFT Market include one of a kind jewelry, bags, baskets, home decor, frames, scarves, wind chimes, sculptures, games, and musical instruments, plus much, much more. New merchandise arrives every month.  Gifts purchased at the LOFT Market give in three ways. The recipient has the delight of a truly unique gift, the producer has the dignity of being able to support her family, and the person who makes the purchase has the knowledge that her purchase is a blessing to those in need.

Helping others by shopping,
what could be more fun!

If you are interested in helping with this ministry by being a LOFT Market volunteer, please contact the church office. We would love to have you be a part of our team!

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